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How To Become A Male Escort

In Bengaluru

Becoming a male escort seems to be cool but it has its problems too so we advise you to consult with our team before joining.


Requirements To Become

A Bengaluru Male Escort

These requirements are for our client’s good experience & safety:-

  • Cadidates should have a compulsory std test
  • Should be well-groomed & fashionable.
  • Must know HINDI, ENGLINH & a local language.
  • Must have good communication skills & well-mannered
  • Shouldn’t be a drug addict.
  • Must be Punctual.

Call to ask any question  +91 9114709123

Joining Process

Vacancy for Male Escort job in Bengaluru

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Now you must bet thinking that why females prefer to hire male escort service in Bengaluru. Well, there are many different reasons behind it, some of them are just looking for a good experience with the stranger in the bed. This can be a life-changing experience for them and make them contented and happy in life.


Create Your ID

Create a gigolo job ID by giving your all genuine details.


Complete Registration

Go through the Registration process and complete them, provide 5 photos.


Register Fee 5000/-

Choose a plan as your comfort. And your profile will be created .


Meet Client

After completing all these process you willl receive call from the clients.

// Services for clients

Male escort Services

Personalized companionship and intimate experiences provided by escort professionals.


Hook ups

Engaging in a hookup male escort job offers intimate encounters, instant gratification, and mutually satisfying experiences.


One Night Stands

A one-night escort service offers an opportunity for memorable encounters, exciting financial rewards, and thrlling adventures.


Full Day Service

Engaging in a full-day Male escort allows for extended companionship, sweet memorable experiences, and substantial earnings.


Hourly Service

Hourly escort job offers clients the flexibility to engage for a specific duration, ensuring convenience and pleasured experiences.


Sex Parties

Sex parties male escort jobs offer exciting opportunities to participate in consensual adult gatherings and fulfill diverse fantasies.

// Earning

How does a male-escort Bengaluru

Earn ?

A Bengaluru male escorts earn by providing companionship, intimacy, and fulfilling the desires of their clients. You can join gigolo jobs in different shifts by knowing their specialties & benefits.

Morning Hours

In the morning hours, gigolo's salary is comparatively lower than other shifts. Because the demand of clients is less than other working hours.

Night Hours

As compared to other shifts, the rush of client demand is high. So the salary of a gigolo of this hour is also higher. For this reason, escorts prefer this shift.

Full day Service

If your performance will satishfy our clients . Then they can book your for a full day service, In rewards you will earn 2-3 times more money than other shifts.


Keep in Mind

We do not compromise with our Service quality, You will be fired and your profile will be immediately removed,

If your service in not satisfactory.

If we find anything which will compromise our clients privacy and security.

If you are involved in any other restricted activity.

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// Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why i should choose you?

    Bengaluru male escort service provided to accompany an individual, group of people, or vehicle to provide guidance and protection or mark of honor.

  • What happens when I've completed my application?

    We will now review your application and decide if you are suitable for a career as a male escort. Due to the number of applications, this can take our team up to 48 hours, so please do not think we have forgotten about you. You can expect an email from us as soon as we are ready with your application.

  • Do women hire call boys and male escorts?

    In Bengaluru, male escorts are primarily sought after by divorced women, widowed women, corporate women, unhappy housewives, and college girls. There are many high-class horny women who seek a companion ship. Additionally, they don’t only hire call boys in Bengaluru for sex. They might be hired to be their date, travel companion, or other kind of emotional requirements.

  • How much salary i get as a male escort service in Bengaluru?

    Salary or commission of a male escort is based on the number of clients you have impressed. But you can easily earn Rs. 30,000 per month plus additional tips from clients.

  • Is a High class male escort service in Bengaluru available?

    Yes, there are male escort services available in Bengaluru. Our company provides male escort service 24×7. We are the highly trusted Escort company in Bengaluru.